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About Us

Founded in 2017, Frank Developments have quickly emerged as major players in Brisbane’s property industry. Operating across south-east Queensland and renowned for creating high-end homes that address the demand for sophistication and sustainability, Frank Developments is the culmination of owner Frank Licastro’s lifelong love affair with property.

Developing homes that are designed to give residents the platform to live their best life on a daily basis, our portfolio includes many of south-east Queensland’s most revered addresses.


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Our Vision

Showcasing an unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of residential development, we are innovative in approach and exceptional in execution. With each project undertaken, we strive to develop stunning properties which set a new benchmark in residential living.

A popular developer amongst residents in Queensland’s capital, our work is destined to make Brisbane a favoured city to live in for generations to come.




Priding ourselves on adhering to council policy in our relentless quest to improve the residential standard of local neighborhoods, we enjoy long-standing relationships with the best industry professionals.

Our trusted partners, who share our community centric mindset, passion, integrity and quality, help us take into consideration the sacredness of areas surrounding our projects